Community Speed Watch in Plaistow

Do you live in Plaistow? Would you like to be a part of the Community Speed Watch (CSW) initiative which has been set up in the parish?

The Parish’s CSW initiative is organised and run independently from the Parish Council; nevertheless, the Council is keen to invigorate support and participation in a CSW team in Plaistow.

The CSW team wish to expand into Plaistow but need volunteers to help set it up!

Can you help?

The Ifold team is active along Plaistow Road. Trained volunteers report speeding drivers to the police with the aim of educating them to slow down. Since March 2020, the group have managed a very impressive 28 roadside sessions which has resulted in 528 letters being sent to speeding drivers!

If you would like to become a trained volunteer and can give an hour or so of your time each month to help fight the adverse impact excessive speed has on those who live in the parish that would be greatly appreciated.

For more information, or to volunteer please contact the Clerk

01403 871 652 |

Notice Date: 15/03/2021