Many in our community are self-isolating due to Coronavirus, suspected Coronavirus, age, or underlying health conditions and this number is set to increase over the coming weeks.

In response to the challenges that self-isolation brings, Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council is co-ordinating the Local Community Action Volunteering Scheme (LCAV).

The aim of the LCAV Scheme is to ‘buddy up’ community Volunteers with residents who would like additional support during this time (Service Users) whether that is shopping, collecting prescriptions, topping up electricity keys, or simply the comfort of knowing someone is available should you need anything.

The Parish Council will ensure that the LCAV Scheme is conducted in strict adherence to up-to-date public health guidance via Policy and is also compliant with data protection law.

Anyone able and willing to volunteer for the LCAV Scheme in the Plaistow and Ifold Parish area is asked to email the Parish Council.

If you would like to receive support via the LCAV Scheme, or know anyone who might, please contact the Parish Council.

Email:  | 01403 871 652 |

The Parish Council is humbled at the willingness of those wishing to help at this time.

Please note, all communications with the Parish Council at this time must be via email or telephone. Messages on Facebook, or other social media will not be considered.