Picture of a Speed Indicator Device
Picture of a Speed Indicator Device

Helping to make all our lives safer


In 2019, the Parish Council's Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) application to WSCC Highways was successful and the speed limit along Plaistow Road - the main road through Ifold - was reduced from 40mph to 30mph. Whilst in theory this reduction should have made the road safer for all road users, including pedestrians, children catching the school bus and anyone pulling out from their driveways onto the main road; unfortunately, in practice, some drivers still need reminding about the new speed limit. This is where Community Speed Watch (CSW) volunteers come in.

The local group was inaugurated on the 1st September 2020 and are one of 280 registered CSW groups across the County. The Team consists of 14 active ‘roadside’ volunteers with the addition of a couple of seconded Parish Councillors who act as liaison officers between the Parish Council and the CSW Team.

The CSW Team is independent from the Parish Council. However, the Council actively supports and promotes its activity and has purchased some of its equipment.

Shocking statistics

Between the date of its inauguration in September 2020 and early October 2021, the CSW Team undertook 51 roadside sessions. In that time they recorded 17% of drivers exceeding 35mph along the Plaistow Road.

That's 35,702 vehicles!

When they added the total number of vehicles exceeding the 30mph speed limit, that figure jumped to 49%.

A staggering 94,950 vehicles!

During this period, the fastest speed recorded against a vehicle coming past Ifold Stores into the village was 65 mph (July 2021). 

This was superseded (or should that be super-speeded) in February 2022, when a vehicle was clocked coming into Ifold at 70mph!!!

Let's stop a moment to consider the dangerous junction where The Drive joins Plaistow Road. There are two bus stops at this location - on either side of the road - which are used twice daily by the children of this Parish - both infants and seniors (not that age should matter)!

Plaistow Road, Ifold approach to Ifold Stores junction
Plaistow Road, Ifold approach to Ifold Stores junction
Annotated Ifold bus stop area at dangerous junction with Plaistow Road
Annotated Ifold bus stop area at dangerous junction with Plaistow Road

Did you know....?

According to information published by the Fire Service, most deaths and serious injuries occur on rural roads. Narrow and bendy roads mean limited visibility, combine that with speeding, and you have a huge risk of people getting seriously hurt or killed.

What’s The Honest Truth about the 30 speed limit?

The harsh reality of the 30mph speed limit is, if a driver hits someone at 30, that person has a chance of surviving! But it's not guaranteed.

If a driver in a car hits someone at:

  • 30mph, 2 out of 10 pedestrians would be killed.
  • 35mph, 5 out of 10 pedestrians would be killed.
  • 40mph, 9 out of 10 pedestrians would be killed.

Now think about our rural roads - blind bends; hidden driveways; no pavements; no street lighting; narrow verges; dog walkers; bikes; horses; pedestrians; elderly; children; school buses ...

Blind bend on Plaistow Road, Ifold
Blind bend on Plaistow Road, Ifold
Possible hazards on Plaistow Road, Ifold - cyclists, dog walker, bus, slow cars, pedestrians
Possible hazards on Plaistow Road, Ifold - cyclists, dog walker, bus, slow cars, pedestrians

Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs)

Of course the CSW Team cannot be by the roadside 24/7. To ensure that drivers are fully aware of both the speed limit and the speed that they are travelling at, a SID has been purchased by the Parish Council, which is regularly moved around Plaistow Road, Ifold by members of the CSW Team. This is a highly effective device, which records speed data as well as reminding drivers of their speed.

A representative from Ifold Estates Ltd (IEL) has informed the Parish Council that:

“IEL now has 2 SIDs (one with an ANPR – automatic number plate recognition - camera), but recently voted to buy 2 more, so within a couple of months will have 2 x SIDs and 2 x ANPR. They are from the same supplier as the main road SID (at least from outward appearance they look identical) and use the same mounting brackets”.

More volunteers required

The CSW Team would like to expand the scope of its activities to cover not only Ifold but also Plaistow (Rickman’s Lane) and the road into Plaistow from Dunsfold. To achieve these aims it is vital that new volunteers are recruited (especially from the Plaistow area).

Simple training is provided online and at the roadside, taking about an hour and a half. Thereafter, giving an hour a month of your time to speed watch would help tackle the problem of speeding on our roads.

By making a clear distinction between education and enforcement, volunteers involved with tackling the speeding problem are rightly regarded as genuinely worried citizens, rather than as vigilantes. Their activity is promoted and supported by Sussex Police.

If you would like to find out about the training and commitment of joining the CSW Team, please contact the Clerk, Catherine via email: clerk@plaistowandifold-pc.gov.uk