Litter pick poster
Litter pick poster

Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council encourages you to get involved in the biannual litter pick; undertaken in spring (March/April) and autumn (October/November).

This is a great way to get outside with others and make the Parish a better place to live.

The next community litter pick is on Sunday 3rd April 2022
10am – 12pm

To those of you who have signed up, we look forward to seeing you there. 

If you have yet to sign up, you still can!

If you would like to volunteer, please read the Volunteer Policy and Litter Pick Risk Assessment and complete the sign-up form:

Your Contact Details



Home phone:




I understand the nature of the task(s)/activity/role for which I have volunteered for, and the risks (if any) have been explained to me. I confirm that I do not have any underlying health conditions which could be exacerbated by the nature of the work, and I have informed the Parish Council of any health condition which may impact my ability to volunteer. I agree that I am fit and able to work as a volunteer on this project.

Yes: No:

Risk assessment:

I confirm that I have received and read the Risk Assessment and understand the nature of the task(s)/activity/role. I agree to comply with instructions provided during the induction brief.

Yes: No:


I would like to receive the Parish Council’s E-Newsletter, via email, twice per year (March/September).

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When & where?

Please meet on the Plaistow village green, opposite the Winterton Hall, at 10.30am. The litter pick takes approximately two hours. Volunteers will be issued with a ‘route’.

Equipment & clothing

The Parish Council supplies all the equipment you need, including litter grabbers, refuse sacks and hi-vis vests, and, with the help of Chichester District Council, arranges the collection of the rubbish you pick up.

You are required to please:

· bring your own gloves - any heavy-duty gardening/work gloves are fine. Wearing gloves is a mandatory requirement for your own safety.

· wear sensible clothes, depending on the weather; however long sleeves and trousers are required for personal safety. Closed toe shoes are recommended.

Safety first

When you arrive, the Group Leader will give a short safety briefing before everyone begins. It’s all common sense, but please make sure you listen and follow the instructions. The Parish Council is required to undertake a Risk Assessment to ensure the safety of those taking part, so please do read the document in advance of participating.

Volunteers participating in the organised litter pick events are covered by the Council's public liability and employers liability insurance.


Volunteers will be able to use the toilets at the Winterton Hall.

What if I am unable to attend the two scheduled litter picks? Can I still organise a litter pick in my area with my neighbours?


Anyone who is unable to join the organised litter pick events, but would like to litter pick throughout the year, can borrow equipment from the Parish Council including:

· Litter pick equipment

· Hi-viz vests

· Road signs

· Refuse sacks

However, please note, under these circumstances volunteers are not working for, or on behalf of Plaistow and Ifold Parish Council and are not covered by the Council's public liability and employers liability insurance.

Information for organisers:

If you do organise an informal litter pick, it is your responsibility to assess the area for any risks before and during the litter picking session and only continue if it is safe to do so.

Please use the Parish Council’s Risk Assessment document as a guide.


Be aware of any hazards in the area, and ensure all volunteers are aware of the safety advice.

For your safety, please:

· use appropriate safety equipment -available from the Parish Council- including litter grabbers and hi-vis vests

· wear appropriate clothing including long sleeves, trousers, and sturdy closed toe shoes

· wear any heavy-duty gardening/work gloves

· erect road signs to notify traffic and other road users of your activity in the area

· avoid litter picking steep slopes, or in/near water courses

· notify someone of your whereabouts; take a charged mobile phone and litter pick in pairs where possible

· always litter pick in daylight

· use a litter grabber to pick things up, and don't attempt to pick up anything that is too heavy, sharp, or hazardous

· report any fly tipping or hazardous items, such as needles, to the Parish Council Clerk as soon as possible with location details -

· be aware of other people, dogs, and wildlife, and make sure children are supervised at all times

· don't enter private land without permission

· use hand sanitiser and wash your hands thoroughly after the event

Litter picking along any road can be dangerous, especially those that are busy, or have high speed limits. We strongly recommend that you avoid picking any road/area where:

· Traffic is heavy

· Road conditions are such that visibility is restricted by obstructions in the road such as overhanging trees and the contours of the road

· There are blind bends

· Weather dictates it would be difficult for drivers and litter pickers to see each other, for example, sunlight low in the sky, rain or fog, dusk or dawn

· The verge has its own hazards, for example it is especially narrow, rough underfoot or steep banked

· You are unable to face oncoming traffic to pick litter

· You are wearing sound restricting hats, earmuffs or headphones

Personal safety is a priority!

What should I do with the rubbish I collect?

Wherever possible, we encourage you to take the rubbish you collect home with you and put it in your black bin. If you can safely separate out recyclable materials and put these into your recycling bin this is even better.

If the litter pick is likely to result in numerous bags of rubbish that you won’t be able to fit into your own general / recyclable bins, you can arrange for the waste to be collected by Chichester District Council after the event, from a specified location.

Please contact the Clerk for the correct contact information/assistance.

If you would like to borrow the Parish Council’s equipment, please complete the following:

I understand and agree that I, and any volunteers, are not working or acting on behalf of the council, and are not covered by the council’s Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance

· Yes

· No

I understand and agree that I am responsible for carrying out a full risk assessment of the site/area to be litter picked

· Yes

· No

I understand and agree that I am responsible for ensuring all volunteers understand and adhere to the health and safety guidance for the duration of the litter picking activity

· Yes

· No




Address Line 1

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State / Province / Region

Postal Code


Litter Grabbers (20 max)

Selected Value: 0

Hi-Vis Vests (20 max)

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Black Sacks (10 max)

Would you like to organise for the waste to be collected by Chichester District Council?

· Yes – please contact the Clerk for details

· No

Would you like to leave a small amount of your waste with your general kerbside waste for collection?

· Yes

· No

I understand that I am responsible for the return of all equipment to the Parish Council